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The University Times: Cash Donations Stolen from Trinity Cancer Society

In early November 2023 Trinity’s Cancer Society had its metal lockbox forced open and funds stolen out of it. The lockbox was being stored in the society’s room in House 6. As is the case for many societies, the Trinity Cancer Society’s room is shared with a number of other societies. The lockbox was easily identifiable as belonging to the Trinity Cancer Society as it was covered in the society’s stickers. 

The society said that though the majority of their donations were electronic, as the society purchased a card reader last year, the funds inside were cash donations from recent events the society had hosted which were due to be deposited in the bank later. 

In a statement to The University Times, the Trinity Cancer Society said that the donations only made up a small amount, “in comparison to the enormous amount raised this year by our volunteers and through the generosity of Trinity Students, we will not allow money meant to help those seriously ill with cancer, including young children, to be stolen without consequence. The matter has been reported to the Central Societies Committee, Trinity College Security, and An Garda Síochána”. 

Cash Donations/Pexels

An investigation into the stolen funds is currently underway by An Garda Síochána and the society told The University Times they are confident that the perpetrator or perpetrators will be brought to justice. 

The society added a plea: “for the person(s) that took the money to return it immediately, or face even more serious consequences. These donations support life-changing care, life-saving treatment, and in the saddest of instances; end-of-life care.” 

In response to this serious security breach, the Central Societies Committee (CSC) changed the locks on the door of the society room from where the funds were stolen. In addition to pledging to install a more secure safe to ensure the future safety of the society’s cash funds.

The University Times has reached out to the CSC for comment.

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